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Moloko McAdoo SGWC & GWC


Date of birth:


Hips: 8:4
Elbows: 0:0
Clear Eye Certificate inc Gonioscopy: Nov 2010
Achievements: Show Gundog Working Certificate & Gundog Working Certificate on dummies

DNA tested CLEAR of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (GR_PRA1)

I'm really proud of my 'show bred' little man who is proving to be a real dual purpose Golden. TT has been an easy dog to train and his eagerness to please has made the whole process so enjoyable.
He likes nothing better after a hard day on the shoot to spread himself out on the sofa for a cuddle from me.
In early January 2007 TT was awarded his Show Gundog Working Certificate. All our hard work training during the summer months and TT's fabulous first season picking up has brought us this reward.
In September 2007 TT & I had a bash at our first KC recognised Working Test ran by the Midland Golden Retriever Club. We had trained the previous Thursday and TT had been horrendous and I seriously thought that my 4 1/2 hour drive down to Northampton to compete would be a complete waste of my time. However on the day he worked beautifully and was very responsive to all my commands. We were thrilled to be rewarded with a First at our first ever working test.
TT is a very valued member of the picking up team at several local estates. I've receieved many complimentary remarks about his ability from both guns and game keepers.
TT simply loves the job and when he sees me putting my outdoor gear on and picking up my dog whistles his eyes light up and he's ready for action.
My intention is to have a go at a couple of field trials this year.
I'm very proud that several of TT's offspring have gone off to train as Guide Dogs in several countries throughout the World. The most recent went off to Japan to join the Japanese Guide Dog Training Scheme.


'TT' taken at Manchester Champ show when he was 8.5 months old

TT relaxing!

TT's progeny

TT's beautiful daughter
Stormford Mayfly
This picture was taken at her very first show at just 6 months of age

The above two puppies are TT daughters bred by Heather Crawford out of her bitch Amirene Falling In Love With Stormford.



Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Ch Eyevalley Cannyman JW Mouseglen More Than Trust at Glorfindel Amirene Jamie Of Carastene Fernyvale Rambler of Pinecrest
Amirene Grouse
Mousseglen Meadow Silver JW Davern Quick Silver
Mousseglen Meadow Clover JW
Stanroph Sierra Silhouette at Eyevalley Ch Ritzilyn Cockney Robin JW Sh Ch Amirene King Eider Of Davern
Ritzilyn Tickled Pink
Stanroph Silent Tears JW Gaineda Chica Beau of Stanroph
Clevarly Claire of Stanroph
Messano Keep A Secret From Moloko Ch Ritzilyn Barrow Boy For Messano JW Ch Ritzilyn Cockney Robin JW Sh Ch Amirene King Eider Of Davern
Ritzilyn Tickled Pink
Stanroph Sally Ann For Ritzilyn Ch Meant To Be At Moorquest
Stanroph Shere Fantasy JW
Messano Give Me Faith Messano Blueprint Guella Golden Hind
Barklands X-Planation of Messano
Tyrocoll Spice Girl For Messano Ch Ritzilyn Barrow Boy For Messano
Tyrocall Jump For Joy


A scene of pure concentration. TT & I marking a retrieve at a working test held by the Golden Retriever Club Of Northumbria. The judge is standing in the background. 

TT retrieving the mark beautifully, the dummy thrower can be seen in the distance. TT scored full marks.
My lovely boy.... so loyal, so clever and a real gentleman.


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